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New Furniture Catalog and Pin

August 29, 2008

There’s a new furniture catalog out today!

Here are the new items.

And here are the secrets.

(Arrow indicates where to click)

Click on the lava lamp for the blender.

Click on the piano for the guitar stand.

The new pin is at the boiler room, I think it’s pretty cool and it made up for the last pin which was a red ball.

That’s all for now, see ya on the flip-side!


Contest Winner!!!

The contest winner is Mishmash!!! Comment and tell me your Email and don’t anybody else try and pose as him and give me your Email because I will check the IP address and if it doesn’t match I will bann you from this website!


Ship Igloo Here

August 15, 2008

Hello penguins! the ship igloo is now here in the new Igloo catalog.

Here’s what’s new in the catalog. (Click to enlarge)

Here’s my review on the new catalogs.

Ship Igloo: It’s really fun, and it’s good for all the penguins who want to go on adventures. It doesn’t have much space and the stairs look a little awkward, but overall it’s still pretty nice.

Gym: Made and in 2006 and now brought back, the Gym was always my favorite, it was quite a tough decision to choose between the pirate ship and the gym. It has lots of space for everything, but it’s not exactly a cozy igloo, it’s a gym.


There’s also a new sport catalog.


Here’s the new stuff. (click to enlarge)

Here’s my review on the sport catalog.

Clothing: There were only 2 items and they were pretty much the basketball uniforms but white, I guess they’re decent though.

Furniture: The banners are cool, I guess everything there is pretty good, I can’t complain.


In other news the new pin is hidden at the Stage. And it’s a red ball. How exciting.

That’s all for now! See ya on the flop-side! ~Karpolo


Penguin Band and More

August 1, 2008

The Penguin Band has been going around Club Penguin giving signed backrounds, and after a few days they go back on stage. Right now there off stage!

There’s also a new newspaper out.

It says there gonna make a sequel to that one play I forget the name to.

I hope they make a sequel to the “Penguins who Time Forgot” play, and they go to the future! The future is way cooler than the stupid idiot past.

In other news the new pin is under the green puffle at the nightclub.

There’s even more news, the new clothing catalog is out!

Here’s the new stuff.

There selling my old lettermen jacket! How dare they!

The new Job this month is a fireman, -_-…

That’s all for the catalog…

I was a bit mad about my rare jacket coming back, but Rsnail told us that would happen. Here’s what he said.


This question seems to come up quite often (more often shortly before and after a clothing catalog launches)… what items will come back into Club Penguin? Are there any clothing items that will never come back?

The following items are not planned to ever come back:

– the party hats (beta test, 1st anniversary, etc.)
– pins



Every other player card item has the chance of coming back. Non-member items, member items, party items, backgrounds… every one will come back someday. They won’t all come back at once, of course, but they will come back.


On to another topic, my website has now been up for 4 months!

And as you can see in this line graph, my hits have only been going up over the last few months!

I just want to thank everybody for all their patronage on this website!

That’s all for now, see ya on the flip-side! ~Karpolo


Catalog and Construction

July 18, 2008

First off there’s a new furniture catalog.

Im not gonna give secrets because that would spoil the surprise.

There’s construction at the Dance Club, most likely for the game.

The new pin is at the pool.

That’s all for now! See ya on the flip-side! ~Karpolo


New Catalogs and Much More!

May 31, 2008

My internet was down for a week so that’s why I haven’t been posting about the new catalogs and pins and stuff. And yet when I checked my stats I was still getting views from some people. So I’m thinking that people are coming back to my website! That’s good, thanks for all your patronage!

Now on to the Club Penguin Buisness…

The new Igloo catalogs came out!

Here’s what’s new in the furniture one.

Here’s the secrets.

Click on the palm tree for a palm tree.

Click on the large house plant for the coffee shop plant.

Click on the sink for the cake.

If you click on the green vase you get a black arm chair.

There’s also a new igloo catalog.

And here’s what’s new in the igloo catalog.

The only secret in the catalog is if you click on the wrench sticking out of the wood you get a stone igloo.

There’s a new puffle catalog too.

Here’s the new items.

And is the one secret in the catalog, you click on the flower at the bottom right of the green puffle house and you get the grey puffle house.

The new pin’s an anvil, it’s at the boiler room.

And the beta tester item was finally given out! It’s a red hard helmet for drilling.

It imitates the yellow and orange helmet.

That’s all for now! See ya on the flop-side! -Karpolo



Saint Patrick’s Day

March 15, 2008

Today the green party has begun! If you are in with the test penguin party you might have gotten a chance to meet Rsnail, Billybob or the latest blogger, Screenhog! I got to meet Rsnail!




Sure lots of people met Rsnail, but who got a pic of him? Another question is that why doesn’t he have a capital “R” on his player card? Well anyway the band is back. 





There Giving away free green top hats with buckles on them at the ski village! I still have no intention of that ever replacing my Russian Ear Flap Cap.




And for the newest game “paint by letters” we have a book pin at the boiler room.




That’s all the news and having this being a new blog, I’m still sort of new to WordPress, and I’m wondering how to put in paragraphs. I type enter and that makes a paragraph but when I actually look at my blog it doesn’t show the paragraphs. How do I put in paragraphs that will stay? And also how to I get my home page under pages? For your enjoyment I made a funny pic about how clueless I am- that gives me an idea for a page. Anyway here it is! 



Well that’s all, see ya on the flopside! -Karpolo



 Straw000: Hey! I helped you made it into paragraphs! I also enlarge your words 🙂 I also added a new category! Your title was also too plain so I added some words to make it look more awesome! I will also be adding some really cool widgets! Hope you like it! Plus, is that a Mac you are using? : D