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Water Party Begins!

June 15, 2008

In memorization of Club Penguin’s flood last year Club Penguin has brought us another water party!

Where do we get the water from you might ask? Well I followed the water pipes and it lead to one of G’s latest inventions, a tank full of H2O (water)!!!

This tank of water provides many fun uses to slash in, such as one of my favorites, the water hose at the bottom right of the screen!

They brought back the water balloons.

And they made another new room especially for the party! To enter it walk over to the blue thing on the left on the iceberg…

Then it should take you to here!

Here are the locations of the free items…

At the Cove there’s yellow inflatable ducks.

And there’s the blue apron at the Plaza.

And a shell necklace at the beach.

My favorite part was the movie in the Mine.

Moving on to other news, the new play is out!

This is what the play’s about.

Here’s a picture of the play.

Click here for the catalog without logging in!

Speaking of the catalog, the time travel hat was surprisingly cheap! It is the cheapest clothing item ever sold on Club Penguin. And did you know the most expensive clothing is the dragon costume?

That’s all for now, see ya on the flop-side! -Karpolo

PS: I might not post often until summer holidays, I have PATs (Provincial Achievement Tests) to study for. And I know some people already started summer holidays but different places have different school boards so just understand that I still have school.



Rockhopper Arrives + Clock Fixed

April 24, 2008

Rockhopper’s Finally here! And here’s what he says.

It says on the 28th we get get to see his quarters, Thats only 4 days from now.

He also brought some treasure!

You’ll find his treasure at the beach!

That’s all for today, Remember to comment! See ya on the flopside! -Karpolo


April Fools 2008!

March 30, 2008

This is the best April fools ever on Club Penguin!!! None of the edits in the world could be wackier than what’s actually happening in Club Penguin!Here’s my favourite rooms



And here’s some more rooms




I’d give more pictures but wordpress having major brain-hurteeness. Yes, that’s right. Major brain hurteeness.And be sure to check out Karpolo Comix, I’m about to post a new comic! As Straw000 suggested, part 2 of surgeon!Also I think I know the answer to the riddle below, the paragraph has no ‘E’s. ‘E’ is one of the most commonly used letter in the alphabet! 


And if you want to check out the wacky paper click here

And also the locations of the free items are…

at the cove


and at ski village


Those images were provided by Puffer19 because I didn’t feel like logging on and taking a picture. And I’d like everyone to know I really don’t care about copyright, and I’m not going to do it again probably. Oh and Copyscape is just something to scare you from copying pictures, it doesn’t actually do anything.

That was one long post! And with that- see ya on  the flipside! ≈Karpolo≈