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Rockhopper and New Play

August 8, 2008

Rockhopper is here!

And he brought some stuff with him…

The Migrator wasn’t the only boat that arrived at Club Penguin today, there’s also a treasure hunt for paper boats!

Some penguin named Rory lost the blueprints for the migrator by some how accidentally making the blueprints in to boats and sailing them off.

Heres all the locations of the paper boats.

Underground Pool

Mine Shack


Coffee Shop



Pet Shop

Once you’ve collected them all then you have to put them all to together to make this blueprint.

And then as a reward you get the blueprints as a background. Just a note, the hat I’m wearing is no longer available, it was sold in the catalog about a year ago. Everybody’s crowding me asking where the hat is, I keep telling them its old!!! You can’t get it!!!!

In other news the game Treasure Hunt is under repairs. Billybob said there’s a glitch and once they squash the bug there gonna re-launch it.

There’s a new play out! And they didn’t give out the old face paint which is good.

My favorite part of the play is how the red ball replaces the snowball.

On to my own topic, the hockey rink is more packed than ever! Since the new play penguins are really in to hockey and chanting for there teams. And sometimes there chants were sort of stupid, like one penguin said, Red is better like a nice cozy sweater. And some reds said “red fire melts blue ice” and then the blues said “blue ice melts to water which puts out fire”. Talk about personifications!

That’s all for now! See ya on the flipside! ~Karpolo


Music Party!!!

July 25, 2008

It’s here and it’s awesome!!! There’s a whole bunch of happy spirit penguins jammin’ on maracas, guitars and drums! It’s fun!

Here are the locations of the freebees.

Music Jam T-Shirts at Plaza.

They brought back the old maracas, (which were getting rare! 😡 ) are at the Cove.

Here are some pictures of all the fun I had!

Deja vu!!! Look, the same snowcat from penguin chat!

And now that you know this really cool fact your gonna tell all your friends about my website because i’m sooooooo awesome.

Anyways, here’s how to get backstage, follow these simple steps.

Step 1: Go to the snow forts and go over to the Store.

Step 2: Buy the backstage pass.

Step 3: Go to the dock and go behind the curtain to the backstage!

Not everybody can go backstage though! Only members, this might make some non-members sad, in fact I saw that it made some non-members go on strike! (Not quite sure how running around saying we want in is gonna get them in though)

Don’t worry, nonmembers, you can see the backstage right here….

(click to enlarge)

Backstage there’s a catalog, here it is.

Here’s the Snow Forts Catalog.

On an unrelated topic I saw some guy standing on the Dance Club advertising Club Penguin HQ.

My favorite music was at the lighthouse and the music I hated the most was at the forest.

That’s all for now! See ya on the flip-side! ~Karpolo



Ye Old Party

May 17, 2008

There’s a new party on Club Penguin and it’s awesome! Here’s all the details on it!

The manhole entrance to the pool has been closed off.

There was a new room added just for the party! You can enter from one of the two trees. They will lead you to a treehouse.

And the free item is at the dock.

Here are the lists of decorated place and pictures.



Ski Village

Ski Lodge

Lodge Attic

Ski Mountain




Coffee Shop

Night Club

Dance Lounge

Boiler Room



Mine Shack

Snow Forts

Ice Rink


Pet Shop

Pizza Parlor





Sorry I can’t post anymore pictures for the party my computer is overheating and I almost can’t keep my hand on top of my iMac. Now I’ve posted all the pictures for the party!

See ya on the flipside! -Karpolo