Odd Characters in Names

August 12, 2008

Recently Club Penguin has allowed some thing where you can add French characters to your name.

This is how to do it; You go to log in page and if you have your penguin saved for auto login then click on log on to a different penguin.

Then you type in your name and password, but change the letters a, c, e, i, n and o in to these characters. Just copy and paste them!

(Thanks to Mike93!)

a: â, ã
c: ć, ĉ
e: è, é, ê
i: ì, í, î
n: ñ, ń
o: ó, ô, õ
u: ù, ú, û

This is what my name looks like!

Happy name changing!


One comment

  1. ît dose ñot wôrk

    Karpolo: The glitch has been fixed

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