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Play Penguin Chat 3 Now!

July 27, 2008

You can play penguin chat 3! Its not everything like it used to be but it’s still cool.

Click here to play penguin chat3

Were you¬†disappointed? Were you happy to see there’s a little history of it left? Let me know.



Music Party!!!

July 25, 2008

It’s here and it’s awesome!!! There’s a whole bunch of happy spirit penguins jammin’ on maracas, guitars and drums! It’s fun!

Here are the locations of the freebees.

Music Jam T-Shirts at Plaza.

They brought back the old maracas, (which were getting rare! ūüė° ) are at the Cove.

Here are some pictures of all the fun I had!

Deja vu!!! Look, the same snowcat from penguin chat!

And now that you know this really cool fact your gonna tell all your friends about my website because i’m sooooooo awesome.

Anyways, here’s how to get backstage, follow these simple steps.

Step 1: Go to the snow forts and go over to the Store.

Step 2: Buy the backstage pass.

Step 3: Go to the dock and go behind the curtain to the backstage!

Not everybody can go backstage though! Only members, this might make some non-members sad, in fact I saw that it made some non-members go on strike! (Not quite sure how running around saying we want in is gonna get them in though)

Don’t worry, nonmembers, you can see the backstage right here….

(click to enlarge)

Backstage there’s a catalog, here it is.

Here’s the Snow Forts Catalog.

On an unrelated topic I saw some guy standing on the Dance Club advertising Club Penguin HQ.

My favorite music was at the lighthouse and the music I hated the most was at the forest.

That’s all for now! See ya on the flip-side! ~Karpolo



Sneakpeak: New Game Level

July 24, 2008

Today billybob made a mistake in his blog that I will not forget and I will exploit him for it!!! MWAHAHAHA! he spelled “hello” like this, “helllo” he has an extra “l”!!! HAHAHA!!! And here’s what Billybob says, with some edits.

LookHelllo Penguins!

More game excitement!!¬† The upcoming new game in the Night Club isn’t the only game activity going on in Club Penguin!¬† Earlier this summer I mentioned a new level for an existing game… and in a couple weeks a different game will get an update! ¬†Here’s a sneak peek for you:


What do you think?! Do you think it’s stupid?! Well I think your stupid!!!

Don’t forget that the party, Music Jam ’08, starts on Friday!¬† Grab your potatos and get ready to rock out!¬† Let me know what you’re doing to get ready for the musical festivities.

Until then…waddle on!

-Club Penguin Team


I think the new level is for Jetpack Adventure!

Today was fun because a month or so ago I told you about Trickmaster1,¬†and our fun magical adventures… (click here to read about it). Well I saw him again! Except it was trickmaster’s creator on the penguin, he said with club penguin updates his robot was destroyed!!! Dam you club penguin and your updates!!! That sort of came out harshly, heh heh. Well anyways he’s working on another robot, and he showed it to me it’s pretty cool! I will give more info on the robot in the future…

And today I saw a penguin blinking around town teleporting really quickly! It was cool.

Also I was in an igloo that had April Fools music and a billion TV’s! I got to be friends with the owner of the igloo.

It was a really awesome but weird day today!

In other news the news paper is out! Click here to read it!

That’s all for now! See ya on the flip-side! -Karpolo


Emo Problem

July 20, 2008

I been in Club Penguin just now and there are emos everywhere!!! say are saying we are emos so I told them emos have no souls emos are not ppl but they didn’t beleive me!!! I tell them your not ppl and they ask then what are we i tell them they’re monkeys!!! and so they have emo party i think it would be like planet of the apes all over again because like lots of emo monkeys and stuff with blood all over the floor because they cut themselves!!!! oh man what i doing posting this wow its late i guess im just bored


Cornpuff123 Party

July 19, 2008

My friend Corn wanted me to make an invitation for his party, so here it is.

That’s the party letter!

I just want to note I am not running some sort of party invitation workshop.

That’s all for now! See ya on the flop-side! ~Karpolo


Catalog and Construction

July 18, 2008

First off there’s a new furniture catalog.

Im not gonna give secrets because that would spoil the surprise.

There’s construction at the Dance Club, most likely for the game.

The new pin is at the pool.

That’s all for now! See ya on the flip-side! ~Karpolo


Green Puffle Stuff

July 17, 2008

The green puffle known as the keeper has run away from the night club!

You can now find him at the Ice Rink.

Here’s what the Penguin Times has to say.

Click on the picture of the newspaper below to read the penguin times or click here.

I’m in a video that my friend Puffer19 made, look below.

Thanx Puffer!

That’s all for now! See ya on the flop-side! ~Karpolo