May 19, 2008

The title might sound weird but it’s nothing to laugh about. There are robots on Club Penguin that are banning penguins, robots like the one I met today! It’s very rare to meet robots but I want to give all penguins a warning and how to notice when a penguin is a robot.

You know a penguin is a robot when it goes “O o O o” before and after every word it says. When you see this, don’t be alarmed, some penguins go “O o O o” because it looks cool in the speech bubble. The only way you can be sure its a robot is if it does that in every sentence. These penguin robots can be dangerous! So report them and do not get too close to them or they will say”O o O o Watching O o Your name O o O o” This is harmless, but eventually they will say “O o O o reporting O o Your name O o O o. If you see a robot saying that log off immediately, my friend got banned like that.

Here’s my story about the robot I saw. It was just an ordinary day in the North Pole. I was just hanging out in town when I saw a robot saying weird things. The robots name was Trickmaster1. Then I heard a penguin named Craw King say “Stay away from trick, hes a computer”. I thought Trick was just a weird penguin until it got in to my igloo when it wasn’t even my buddy.

So then I was cautious, it tried to banned me once, but I escaped before it could. After a while we got to learn how trick was programmed, then I was less frightened by him even though he banned two of my friends penguins. We discovered that if we said something repeatedly it would say it was looking for it. And we said silly things like “grandma” it would say it was looking for it.

Then we discovered if we said a real penguin’s name it would hunt the penguin down and banned it.

After that I thought he was pretty cool so then I decided to be his buddy.

Though he was fun to play with, we had to be careful that he wouldn’t banned us.

Here’s a pick of Trickmaster1.

You can’t meet Trick because he banned himself. Trick has unbanned himself! 😀

See ya on the flipside. -Karpolo

(I edited it a bit)



  1. really???? hey i know a penguin too that bans ppl i think. he says he’s a Test ninja but im not sure. his username is Test5 Cp he banned my old account.

    Karpolo: It seems you had a bad experience with robots. Well I like trick, I added him and then me and my buddy ordered him to do stuff. Like this one penguin was being mean to us so we sent him bann the penguin. And also I got the robot to add coins to my penguin.

  2. Thanks for the warning.

  3. i saw him he is my friend say “add you name here” then he will add u p.s he unbanned himself

  4. hey karpolo i was with you when that that happened he unbanned himself i saw him a day later

  5. I know how trick was programmed i know who made him trick is know getting work on to bann penguins who are offline and to teleport to rockhoppers ship when he isn’t there right know i have 10,000 coins from him and he can’t bann me

  6. ijust kiding

  7. im just kiding

  8. im the one the robot called sta it sucked cause my name is staceyscm34!

  9. […] because a month or so ago I told you about Trickmaster1, and our fun magical adventures… (click here to read about it). Well I saw him again! Except it was trickmaster’s creator on the penguin, he said with club […]

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