Heatblast227- On a totally new level of awesomeness

May 12, 2008

Heatblast just revealed his new website today! Now he’s on such a new level of popularity I has no chance of keeping up. First I got mad at him, then I found him as somebody I don’t wanna be. This is why; I can drink a nice cup of tea in peace, Heatblast can’t. I only wanna be semi- famous, in between, that’s where you can drink the honey!

Anyways, there was a coincidence that happened a few days ago. The day when Heatblast unleashed his website to public, I found that I had 227 coins! Like the 227 at the end of Heatblast227! Here’s a pic.

In other news I made a new page! It’s about me and stuff. Check it out here!

That’s all for today, See ya on the flipside! -Karpolo



  1. yeah i know he already has what 36k hits in all just 3 or so months.

  2. umm ya thatz cool~

  3. Heatblast rocks!! but ur lieing! when u logged on u didnt have 227 coins! u just either used the coin hack or u played games and it happened to come to 227!

    Karpolo: Nope, I don’t hack, and it’s the truth! Why do you insist on fighting with me?

  4. Karpolo cmon seriously so do u personally think that Heatblast did something to make u have 227 coins??

    Karpolo: No, I just think it’s weird that I had 227 coins the day he posted episode 21 telling everybody about his new website.

  5. oh…yeah that is weird.im trying to be in one of his episodes but its sooo hard to get on mammoth cause its always full! but members can go in mammoth anytime they want! its unfair! i barely make it in mammoth.

  6. hey heat i have a cp too i am having a party my salf it’s at Alisse909’s igloo on the map wool sock and 2:15 cp time hopefuly u will come it is on the 27th of june the party is schools out i am going to have a pool its going to be like a pool party to selabrate school being out plz come we love u. By:Alisse909

    Karpolo: I’m not Heatblast.

  7. hi its me Alisse909 i have a club penguin and i am having a party sever wool sock and 2:15 CP TIME AND AT aLISSE909’S IGLOO ON THE MAP there is going to be a pool the party is about schools out go on youtube.com and type in Alisse909’s amazing chanle u will see more detal we love u hope fuly i get to come!!!!!

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