Ye Old catalog- With New Stuff

May 4, 2008

The new catalog is based on the king, queen, knight and castle stuff. So here’s all the secrets.

Click on the dragons flipper for the crystal staff. (Dragons have flippers?)

Click on the princess’s emerald hat for the woodsman hat. (Robinhood?)

Click on the casual jacket for the cheese tie. (Is it made for eating or wearing?)

And click on the bunnies bow tie for the viking helmet stuff. (When will the yellow viking helmet come back!?)

Heres something really important at the end of the catalog I found out. Drag the ‘How to earn coins’ box down and you will see a letter.

Here’s what the letter says.

It says there’s gonna be a party on the 16th! And at the end it says remember not to leave this in the catalog, so why would they? Are the stupid or is hurbert the polar bear behind this!!!

So anyways there’s a new ‘big wig’ catalog, here’s the secrets! (Well actually only one secret)

Click on the spikester wig to get the spikette.

Here’s something i thought was really cool, the new job, you can be a blacksmith!

That’s all for now, I’m gonna publish this quickly for fear of my broswer shutting down again. See ya, on the flopside! -Karpolo




  1. Your blog is really nice…in fact better than mine!
    But I think you should more hits!
    I’ll try to help you get more, because you deserve it!!
    ~TPA supreme commander

    Karpolo: Thanx, your website is awesome too!

  2. awsome karpolo ill help you get more hits ill post your site on my site 🙂 🙂

    Karpolo: Thanx!

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