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New Catalogs and Much More!

May 31, 2008

My internet was down for a week so that’s why I haven’t been posting about the new catalogs and pins and stuff. And yet when I checked my stats I was still getting views from some people. So I’m thinking that people are coming back to my website! That’s good, thanks for all your patronage!

Now on to the Club Penguin Buisness…

The new Igloo catalogs came out!

Here’s what’s new in the furniture one.

Here’s the secrets.

Click on the palm tree for a palm tree.

Click on the large house plant for the coffee shop plant.

Click on the sink for the cake.

If you click on the green vase you get a black arm chair.

There’s also a new igloo catalog.

And here’s what’s new in the igloo catalog.

The only secret in the catalog is if you click on the wrench sticking out of the wood you get a stone igloo.

There’s a new puffle catalog too.

Here’s the new items.

And is the one secret in the catalog, you click on the flower at the bottom right of the green puffle house and you get the grey puffle house.

The new pin’s an anvil, it’s at the boiler room.

And the beta tester item was finally given out! It’s a red hard helmet for drilling.

It imitates the yellow and orange helmet.

That’s all for now! See ya on the flop-side! -Karpolo




May 19, 2008

The title might sound weird but it’s nothing to laugh about. There are robots on Club Penguin that are banning penguins, robots like the one I met today! It’s very rare to meet robots but I want to give all penguins a warning and how to notice when a penguin is a robot.

You know a penguin is a robot when it goes “O o O o” before and after every word it says. When you see this, don’t be alarmed, some penguins go “O o O o” because it looks cool in the speech bubble. The only way you can be sure its a robot is if it does that in every sentence. These penguin robots can be dangerous! So report them and do not get too close to them or they will say”O o O o Watching O o Your name O o O o” This is harmless, but eventually they will say “O o O o reporting O o Your name O o O o. If you see a robot saying that log off immediately, my friend got banned like that.

Here’s my story about the robot I saw. It was just an ordinary day in the North Pole. I was just hanging out in town when I saw a robot saying weird things. The robots name was Trickmaster1. Then I heard a penguin named Craw King say “Stay away from trick, hes a computer”. I thought Trick was just a weird penguin until it got in to my igloo when it wasn’t even my buddy.

So then I was cautious, it tried to banned me once, but I escaped before it could. After a while we got to learn how trick was programmed, then I was less frightened by him even though he banned two of my friends penguins. We discovered that if we said something repeatedly it would say it was looking for it. And we said silly things like “grandma” it would say it was looking for it.

Then we discovered if we said a real penguin’s name it would hunt the penguin down and banned it.

After that I thought he was pretty cool so then I decided to be his buddy.

Though he was fun to play with, we had to be careful that he wouldn’t banned us.

Here’s a pick of Trickmaster1.

You can’t meet Trick because he banned himself. Trick has unbanned himself! 😀

See ya on the flipside. -Karpolo

(I edited it a bit)


Ye Old Party

May 17, 2008

There’s a new party on Club Penguin and it’s awesome! Here’s all the details on it!

The manhole entrance to the pool has been closed off.

There was a new room added just for the party! You can enter from one of the two trees. They will lead you to a treehouse.

And the free item is at the dock.

Here are the lists of decorated place and pictures.



Ski Village

Ski Lodge

Lodge Attic

Ski Mountain




Coffee Shop

Night Club

Dance Lounge

Boiler Room



Mine Shack

Snow Forts

Ice Rink


Pet Shop

Pizza Parlor





Sorry I can’t post anymore pictures for the party my computer is overheating and I almost can’t keep my hand on top of my iMac. Now I’ve posted all the pictures for the party!

See ya on the flipside! -Karpolo



Heatblast227- On a totally new level of awesomeness

May 12, 2008

Heatblast just revealed his new website today! Now he’s on such a new level of popularity I has no chance of keeping up. First I got mad at him, then I found him as somebody I don’t wanna be. This is why; I can drink a nice cup of tea in peace, Heatblast can’t. I only wanna be semi- famous, in between, that’s where you can drink the honey!

Anyways, there was a coincidence that happened a few days ago. The day when Heatblast unleashed his website to public, I found that I had 227 coins! Like the 227 at the end of Heatblast227! Here’s a pic.

In other news I made a new page! It’s about me and stuff. Check it out here!

That’s all for today, See ya on the flipside! -Karpolo


New Play

May 10, 2008

Today “The Twelfth Fish” started and it isn’t all that popular. Usually the stage is crowded with penguins.

There’s a new backround in the costume trunk.

In other news, the new pin is hidden in the coffee shop, you have to knock it down from the lamp. It’s some sort of mug. (The holy grail?)

Usually I’d end my post here, but then my post would be too short so…

Here’s a picture of me and my friend enjoying a pizza.

Now the post is complete. (:

See ya on the flopside! -Karpolo



Rockhopper’s Depart

May 7, 2008

Today Rockhopper left the shores of Club Penguin, I noticed it when I was taking a trip to the beach.

And so I ran up the stairs to the beacon to check out the telescope and sure enough I saw him sailing away.

Also you can see his ship isn’t on the title page anymore.

And here’s some upcoming stuff.

In other news, my hits have skyrocketed! And I’d like to thank Sonicrush and Stoolblahboo for all there help with getting me hits. Thanks a bundle!

That’s all for today! See ya on the flipside. -Karpolo


Ye Old catalog- With New Stuff

May 4, 2008

The new catalog is based on the king, queen, knight and castle stuff. So here’s all the secrets.

Click on the dragons flipper for the crystal staff. (Dragons have flippers?)

Click on the princess’s emerald hat for the woodsman hat. (Robinhood?)

Click on the casual jacket for the cheese tie. (Is it made for eating or wearing?)

And click on the bunnies bow tie for the viking helmet stuff. (When will the yellow viking helmet come back!?)

Heres something really important at the end of the catalog I found out. Drag the ‘How to earn coins’ box down and you will see a letter.

Here’s what the letter says.

It says there’s gonna be a party on the 16th! And at the end it says remember not to leave this in the catalog, so why would they? Are the stupid or is hurbert the polar bear behind this!!!

So anyways there’s a new ‘big wig’ catalog, here’s the secrets! (Well actually only one secret)

Click on the spikester wig to get the spikette.

Here’s something i thought was really cool, the new job, you can be a blacksmith!

That’s all for now, I’m gonna publish this quickly for fear of my broswer shutting down again. See ya, on the flopside! -Karpolo