New Catalogs, New Penguins

April 20, 2008

First off, the new catalogs, I’d give the secrets but I don’t feel like it.


And now, my new penguin! His name is Cowslife, he’s a nonmember, and should Karpolo get banned, (god forbid), I will use him. He’s brown and well here he is.

Oh and I read the newspaper, and it said the clock is broken because too many people were throwing snowballs at it, looks like I was wrong.

My website updates

*Game tips coming soon


Well, that’s all for now. See ya on the flopside! ≈Karpølø≈



  1. Go to http://keithyy.wordpress.com/custom-header-shop/ to get a really awsome header!!!!!!!! I mean really awsome!!!!!!!!!!


    Karpolo: no spam plz, I dont care how awesome your header is.

  2. Uh the clock is broken because Herbert the polar bear broke it for revenge on club penguin

    Karpolo: yah, I know that now that I’ve done the mission. its really fun!

  3. hey karpolo its flippy i was wondering do u make vids?

    Karpolo: I can only make 30 second videos.

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