Aqua Grabber and More

April 9, 2008

Yesterday, aqua grabber got a few upgrades. Also I am tired so I bought coffee then I was too tired to make it so now you know the irony in coffee. But if I fell asleep why am I writing this post you are asking maybe? Well some questions are better left unknown.

First off you collect pearls and a treasure chest, not ship parts.


When you get the chest don’t run into a fluffy (fluffy’s the name of that yellow fish), you may think the mullet might be more annoying but at least it doesn’t follow you.

One last thing, there’s a new cavern you can go into, which is home of the treasure chest you’ll need to beat the game!

Now moving on to the more.

You might be wondering when the next comic in Karpolo Comix will come out or when the where’s waldo will come out. Well I can say that the Where’s Waldo page will come out tomorrow and the Karpolo Comix will be updated every 3-4 days. I’m hoping to get the next one done by tomorrow.

PS: New character will appear in next comic.


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