April Fools 2008!

March 30, 2008

This is the best April fools ever on Club Penguin!!! None of the edits in the world could be wackier than what’s actually happening in Club Penguin!Here’s my favourite rooms



And here’s some more rooms




I’d give more pictures but wordpress having major brain-hurteeness. Yes, that’s right. Major brain hurteeness.And be sure to check out Karpolo Comix, I’m about to post a new comic! As Straw000 suggested, part 2 of surgeon!Also I think I know the answer to the riddle below, the paragraph has no ‘E’s. ‘E’ is one of the most commonly used letter in the alphabet! 


And if you want to check out the wacky paper click here

And also the locations of the free items are…

at the cove


and at ski village


Those images were provided by Puffer19 because I didn’t feel like logging on and taking a picture. And I’d like everyone to know I really don’t care about copyright, and I’m not going to do it again probably. Oh and Copyscape is just something to scare you from copying pictures, it doesn’t actually do anything.

That was one long post! And with that- see ya on  the flipside! ≈Karpolo≈


One comment

  1. sorry that clubpenguinultra.wordpress.com sucks, it’s just that I don’t use that site! I RUN branmatt.wordpress.com.

    Karpolo: We need more ppl like you. people that say sorry when you insult them

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