Saint Patrick’s Day

March 15, 2008

Today the green party has begun! If you are in with the test penguin party you might have gotten a chance to meet Rsnail, Billybob or the latest blogger, Screenhog! I got to meet Rsnail!




Sure lots of people met Rsnail, but who got a pic of him? Another question is that why doesn’t he have a capital “R” on his player card? Well anyway the band is back. 





There Giving away free green top hats with buckles on them at the ski village! I still have no intention of that ever replacing my Russian Ear Flap Cap.




And for the newest game “paint by letters” we have a book pin at the boiler room.




That’s all the news and having this being a new blog, I’m still sort of new to WordPress, and I’m wondering how to put in paragraphs. I type enter and that makes a paragraph but when I actually look at my blog it doesn’t show the paragraphs. How do I put in paragraphs that will stay? And also how to I get my home page under pages? For your enjoyment I made a funny pic about how clueless I am- that gives me an idea for a page. Anyway here it is! 



Well that’s all, see ya on the flopside! -Karpolo



 Straw000: Hey! I helped you made it into paragraphs! I also enlarge your words 🙂 I also added a new category! Your title was also too plain so I added some words to make it look more awesome! I will also be adding some really cool widgets! Hope you like it! Plus, is that a Mac you are using? : D 





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  2. I’ll tell you how to get more hits:
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    Karpolo: I’m exited with all the hits I’m getting already! Well anyways thanx for the tips

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  4. Yah, I use a Mac. And thanx for making mypost better

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