First Post

March 12, 2008

My name in club penguin is Karpolo, I go to Canada servers and stuff. Anyway, lets get to to the point in which you came here for, news. Club Penguin made some test servers, well 2 test servers. To make a testing penguin  click herepicture-17.png You start with 20,000 coins, sweet deal eh? Sadly all of your items are gone, but none of this effects your real penguin at least, it only affects your test penguin.picture-20.pngIf your thinking of meeting your buddy on a test server, think again, your buddy list is at zero. And you cant get at the HQ either because your penguin is zero days old and you no longer have your spy phone! picture-21.pngpicture-19.pngThat’s all I have to say exept I don’t know how enlarge my pictures, if you could comment on how to or if it’s possible that would be great! Anyways, see yah on the flop-side!  



  1. Hi you have a great site! Can add me as an admin? Or on your blogroll? Please reply at my site! ; D

  2. to enlarge your pics, check in the “full size” box BEFORE sending it to the editor. 😉

    Karpolo: Thanx for making my website a better place!

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