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May 26, 2010

i see no website


New Furniture Catalog and Pin

August 29, 2008

There’s a new furniture catalog out today!

Here are the new items.

And here are the secrets.

(Arrow indicates where to click)

Click on the lava lamp for the blender.

Click on the piano for the guitar stand.

The new pin is at the boiler room, I think it’s pretty cool and it made up for the last pin which was a red ball.

That’s all for now, see ya on the flip-side!


Contest Winner!!!

The contest winner is Mishmash!!! Comment and tell me your Email and don’t anybody else try and pose as him and give me your Email because I will check the IP address and if it doesn’t match I will bann you from this website!


150th Penguin Times

August 28, 2008

The 150th issue of the penguin times came out today.

They mentioned this in the newspaper but they didn’t have a party for it. 😦

Here are the coming up events.

That’s all for now see ya on the flop-side! ~Karpolo


3,000 Hits Party Over

August 27, 2008

Well the party was over and not many people came but I still had fun. Thanks to the people who came and sorry you couldn’t make it Fitcom, but you can look forward to the 5,000 hits party coming soon!

Here’s the video if the party.

I even recorded the after party when we went for pizza!


I hope on my next party I can get more people to come.

That’s all for now, see ya on the flop-side. ~Karpolo


New Author, Fintom

August 27, 2008

Hi guys, I’m the new author. I would just like to say to Karpolo Thank-You for adding me and I promise I won’t be like one of those authors who ask other authors for their passwords. So I am the new author of Karpolo’s site, and he’s a new author at my site. Here’s a little picture of my penguin.

I will try to attend Karpolo’s 3,000 hits party so you might see me there. I hope I can fit in!


3,000 Hits Party

August 24, 2008

I’m having a 3,000 hits party!

It’s on july 27th, on the server ice pond, at 4:00 PST pm at my igloo on the map.

Here’s the invitation!

I will Record!!!

Please come!!! I promise I will make it!!!

Here’s a little sneak peak of the party!

Don’t even think about touching my treasure! Im watching you! 😯

That’s all for now, see ya on the flipside! ~Karpolo

Click here to enter our rare penguin contest!


Penguin Games

August 22, 2008

The penguin games started today in celebration of the Olympics.

The red face paint is at the coffee shop.

The blue face paint is at the pizza parlor.

The ice rink turned in to a soccer field.

There is still an ice rink, it’s right next to the soccer field at the snow forts.

Here’s how to get all the medals, you just have to stop at every light post.

The Olympic torch is at the ski hill.

Click on the medal by the moderator sign to see how many medals you have.

Once you get all the medals you get a gold medal you can wear around your neck.

That’s all for now, see ya on the flip-side. ~Karpolo


Rare Penguin Contest

August 22, 2008

This penguin has never been banned, it’s 839 days old and it could be yours if you win!

Here’s what it looks like.

I had to block the name because somebody might want to hack it.

This penguin has various other rare items too.

Here’s how the contest works, the person who comments on this post the most wins!

Here are the rules about commenting.

No advertizing, no swearing and numbers are aloud!

The contest will end in a week or something…..

That’s all for now, see ya on the flop-side!







Sorry I had to write it so many times but people were still commenting.

Ok I will just disable commenting actually.


Penguin Games Sneak Peak

August 21, 2008

The penguin games start tomorrow, here’s a close up on what the mascots will look like.

It looks like team blue’s mascot will be a fish (the mullet) and team red’s mascot is a moose or something.

And they are going to be giving out the blue and red face paint at the party. Well, actually you’re going to have to earn the red and blue face paint.


Join the Red Ranger Penguins!

August 21, 2008

Me and my friend cornelius made a club called red rangers!

Here’s the ad for it.

Comment to join!

That’s all for now, see ya on the flip-side!